Step up your career! Find, access and connect with mentors from trusted organizations.

You don’t have to navigate your job role alone, join a program, cohort or training and connect with mentors from top organizations near you.

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About Us

Mently provides a way to connect and meet one-on-one with mentors from trusted organizations.

Kickstart your professional development, get all the help you need to navigate through your career, gain access to growth opportunities and expand your network in a world-class community.


Discovering opportunities for career growth has never been easier!

Mently’s expert design ensures that you find and connect with the right mentor quickly.

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Thoroughly vetted mentors

We are always on the lookout for go-getters and proven champions of industries; this is why Mently's onboarding process ensures that all mentors are vetted and approved by an organization.

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Firsthand information about mentoring programs

Find answers to all your questions about mentorship and how mentoring works with real-time updates about ongoing programs, share your portfolio with organizations to get paid to mentor, interact with alumni students on a personal level.

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Two-way scheduling

There's no pressure to fit into an existing schedule, with our two-way intelligent scheduling integration, you and your mentor can agree on a time that works for both parties and enjoy all the benefits of a valuable and meaningful mentoring relationship at your convenience.

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Inclusive learning community

Navigate through new opportunities, share experiences, build relationships and exploit your potentials in a vibrant community.

How Mently works


Create an account on mently and gain access to mentoring programs and events from top organizations

Choose a program

Browse through available programs by category. Select one that suits your needs

Get assigned to a mentor

Get assigned to an available mentor for each program, view all available mentors in a program.

Schedule date and time

Our two-way scheduling features allows you and your mentor decide on dates and times, within a program's period, that are mutually convenient.

Receive approval from mentor

Get your schedule approved and access one-on-one mentoring sessions, join group mentoring sessions and more!

Make payment

Make easy, fast and secured payments and get instant confirmation and access to exclusive mentoring programs.

Start learning!

Enjoy all the benefits that come with engaging with a vibrant and inclusive community!



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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I gain from mentoring with Mently?

Find opportunities that align with your passion, explore ways to earn, share knowledge, build trusted relationships and make lasting impact on Mently

How can I find the students that I want on Mently?

With our automated, Ai-assisted matching feature, finding students is easy. All you have to do is ensure that your summary is detailed and client-focused and our system would provide you with a variety of global students with whom you can create valuable mentoring relationships..

How do I earn on Mently?

Create an in-demand course and earn big Get invited to facilitate organizations' mentoring programs and programs Participate in 1-on-1 or 1-to-many mentoring forums.

Is Mently good for starting a career in Mentoring?

Yes! With no prior mentorship experience, Mently helps you locate and engage students seeking your expertise. As long as you are verified by your organization, Mently provides you with regular opportunities to build your leadership skills, connect with professionals of similar interests and perspectives and exchange information in an environment that fosters growth.

Can I apply to attend multiple mentoring programs?

Yes. However, you can apply to participate in a maximum of two programs at a time. This is to ensure that you get maximum benefits from each program you sign up for

How do I edit my profile?

Login to your account on Mently, click on the settings icon on your mentor or student dashboard and select “update” icon below your current profile. Make your desired updates and save.

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